In 2012 the Northern Beaches Community Drug Action Team (CDAT) committed to addressing the issue of secondary supply of alcohol to minors at a local level. In response to this commitment the Northern Beaches CDAT developed the ‘Stop the Supply’ campaign, which aims to reduce underage drinking and young people’s access to alcohol. The initial success of the original Northern Beaches campaign has seen it expand to other regions throughout NSW.

The campaign raises awareness of the offences and penalties relating to the supply of alcohol to minors and highlights some of the key suppliers of alcohol such as parents and older friends. The campaign delivers a clear message that Secondary Supply of alcohol to a person under 18 years is against the law (unless you are the parent or guardian) and results in a minimum on the spot fine of $1,100 or fine up to $11,000 and/or 12 months imprisonment (NSW Liquor Act 2007).

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